Why choose Dwyer

Why choose Dwyer

Established as Dwyer Insurance Agency, Inc. in 1989, based on the founding principles of providing superior protection and personal service, Dwyer Insurance takes pride in serving Greater Cincinnati area families and businesses. Licensed in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, Dwyer Insurance strives to establish a long term and meaningful relationship with our clients as their trusted independent insurance advisor. We specialize in providing prompt, courteous and trustworthy agency service, protection and advice. We want you to feel like a part of our family. Often people do not understand the differences between the types of insurance agencies and the services provided. Contrary to popular belief, no two insurance companies, policies or agencies are the same. Dwyer Insurance differs from other insurance agencies in several key areas. On top of all that, all of our team combined, as well as every single member has years upon years of experience!

Reasons to choose us



Dwyer Insurance is an INDEPENDENT agency. We represent multiple insurance companies, not just one company. Dwyer Insurance has the ability, on your behalf, to shop around to find the insurance company which offers the best policies and pricing for your individual needs and circumstances. Dwyer Insurance will outline these options for you, ensuring that you completely understand the pros and cons of each option. If, at any time, your situation changes, policies can be remarketed or moved to other carriers as needed. Even if you find that you need to change insurance companies, you will still retain the professional staff at Dwyer Insurance, as your agents, who are familiar with you, your family or business. This continuity of service can only be found with an independent agency.


FULL SERVICE is provided. All of your insurance needs are fulfilled here. This includes help with billing questions, policy changes, policy reviews, coverage questions and recommendations. We are certainly ready to help when a claim occurs. We can quickly get a claim started and walk you through the steps of the claim process. Even if another party is responsible, provide us with whatever information and insurance details you have and we will begin the claims process with the other party’s insurance company. Some agents will send you to an 800 number for slow, impersonal service. Still other agencies will place a claim on your record if you simply call with a question or not-at-fault incident. These types of poor service do not happen at Dwyer Insurance. Each insurance company we represent provides after hours direct call or internet options for billing and claims to supplement the excellent service provided by Dwyer Insurance..


QUALITY insurance is our focus. Some insurers only provide the ‘cheapest’ insurance. However, this is frequently done at the expense of protection. Insurance companies are all different and insurance policies are not alike. Some companies do not cover claims that others will. Other companies sacrifice prompt, fair claims and customer service. While other companies may not be financially stable. We can find you low rates while still providing superior protection. Dwyer Insurance has chosen to represent insurance companies that have the highest standards of financial security, policy protection and claims service.


We are a MULTI-LINE agent, with expertise in many lines of Personal, Commercial and Life insurance – nearly any type of insurance you might need. Some agents are limited to certain markets. Dwyer Insurance is able to establish a closer relationship with our clients by helping with all of their insurance needs. You have just one place to call when you need help. Also, Dwyer Insurance is licensed in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, and insures clients throughout these states.


TEAMWORK is the key at Dwyer Insurance. You are not a client of just one of the agents here. The entire staff of licensed agents considers you his or her client and all are here to help you. When you call, anyone in our office will help with your need. You are considered a client of Dwyer Insurance and all here are committed to work together to serve you.


These five characteristics define Dwyer Insurance and make us different, and better, than many other insurance options available in the Greater Cincinnati area. Focusing on these qualities also allows us to meet our goal of providing “Superior Protection and Personal Service.”

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